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Liquid Affirmations

Are you Living your life on your terms?

                         Welcome to the home of Liquid Affirmations!


                              Liquid Affirmations work with you to shift your perspective.

By utilising the unique vibrational energies within each bottle you are able to move through negative patterning and unlock your true potential bringing you joy and harmony.

Do you want to achieve your personal best, think positively and support your energy and thoughts toward positive attraction.

The range of Essences, have been developed with love utilising  state of the art cutting edge technology.  Aligning frequencies at a sub atomic level allowing us to imprint coded vibrational information into a carrier medium to assist you to unlock your true positive self. 

Freeing yourself from negative self talk and patterns and return you to your true authentic self.
Our body including our Auric field contains sets of energetic grids, within these grids are our:

  • Chakra System - Energy Centres

  • Meridians - Energy Pathways

  • Axiatonal Lines - Connection

Positive Being Products support your vibrational shift in consciousness towards your positive self. These are a unique synergy of modern and ancient wisdom converging to create the keystones for your inner support, growth and happiness. We are all vibrational beings and in order to achieve positive change a vibrational shift needs to occur, using Liquid Affirmations assists you in positive vibrational change. 


New in 2020
Massage and Readings


 I am really excited to announce that I will be offering Relaxation Massage, Shiatsu, Psychic and Mediumship readings from the beautiful Bliss You Wellness at Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

I am passionate about assisting you to have the best most authentic life you can,

guiding you to move through any blocks you may have and facilitate the changes you desire.




Please take some time and have a look around, I would love to hear from you.

Much Love



New Year!

New Decade!

Reignite your passions

2020 Readings online or in person.

30 mins $60

1 hr $99.00


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