Liquid Affirmation Essences

Balance. Realign. Growth.

Overhaul your mindset and shift your consciousness towards Positivity!

Welcome to the Energetic Matrix Range

The Energetic Matrix range of Essences has been designed to support the free flowing energy of your Matrix or electromagnetic grid. This matrix
facilitates our connection and communication.

Our body including our Auric field contains sets of energetic grids, within these grids are our:

  • Chakra System - Energy Centres

  • Meridians - Energy Pathways

  • Axiatonal Lines - Connection

We communicate all that is within us and around us through these systems as our energy centres transmit and receive energy from those around us and the Universe.
When all areas of our Matrix are strong, centred, balanced and charged our Chakras are open, our Meridians are flowing and we are receptive and
connected to all of the expansive energies available to us.

Negative patterns and beliefs can prevent you from being your true, authentic, free flowing self.
Energetic Matrix Essences utilise unique vibrational energies to support you to move through negative patterning and unlock the infinite potential within
your Energetic Matrix.