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Passions - Do you really need them?

I was reading a book recently that said without something you are Passionate about you won’t reach your full potential.

This really got me thinking ‘what am I truly passionate about’, well my family - I would protect them to the ends of the earth..........but what else......I really could not think of anything else that I was truly, all consumingly Passionate about.

Maybe I don’t really understand the word Passionate (Adj)- having, showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefs.

I do have strong feelings and beliefs, but I am also of the opinion that these are my opinions and beliefs and everyone has their own, who am I to say that mine are better or more important than yours are to you.

So I looked at it another way, there a lots of things that I have a great interest in and a lot of those fit nicely together, my Kinesiology fits nicely with my massage, fits nicely with my readings, fits nicely with my Essences and Mists.......but truly passionate, would I give up on everything else just for these, No, no I wouldn’t.

I do have strong feeling and beliefs around everything I do, so maybe I am passionate, just get me talking about energy and how to affect change.

Which then got me thinking, do people that are happy with what they have need to have any further drive than enjoyment.

Is enjoyment a form of passion?

How different is enjoyment to passion?

I really enjoy when the things I do have a positive impact on peoples‘ lives, I don’t think I need for it to be all consuming, I don’t think I need to be truly passionate about helping people to impact their lives.

Am I missing the point, am I doomed to mediocrity, am I happy with that? Maybe I am.

I do get tremendous joy from helping people.

Am I mistaking who and what I stand for as being not as good or important as those I look at as being truly passionate.

Is what I think is passion really their drive or determination? When I look at the definition I see so much more than drive and determination, maybe I am projecting my image of the word through my own beliefs.......or maybe I am just talking myself down from the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think a life well lived, filled with Love, Happiness, Connection and Adventures is reaching your Potential.

Live a life of Love..........that is all there is for me.........Oh maybe I did miss my own point.......I think I am passionate, Phew!

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