Anja - Third Eye/Brow Chakra
Location: Forehead between the eyes
Colour Indigo
Intuition, Self realisation.

Anja - Third Eye/Brow Chakra

  • Ajna-Third Eye Chakra

    Location: Middle of the Forehead between the eyes
    Colour: Indigo
    Characteristics: This Chakra rules how we view the world around us. Ajna means ‘to perceive’. It is the union of heart and mind. It is the centre of Clairvoyance or the ability to see that which is yet to come into being. It is the Chakra that governs our discernment of what to believe, who to follow and who to trust. Our ability to focus and see the bigger picture.
    Element: Thought
    Limiting traits that maybe exhibited:
    - Fear
    - Detached
    - Lack of Focus
    - Too Logic focused
    - Nightmares
    - Difficulty Concentrating
    - Poor Memory
    - Can’t see Patterns
    - Fanatic
    - Stuck in old ways
    - Can’t explain
    - Over or lack of Focus
    - Blocked Imagination
    - Daydreamer in the negative sense
    - Detached from feelings
    - Can’t ‘read’ people or situations
    - Can’t manifest
    - Confused
    - Headaches
    - Not assertive
    - Fear of success
    - Can’t see the big picture
    - Lack of Clarity
    - Over analysing
    - Disorderly

    Limitless traits supported:
    - Insight
    - Clairvoyance
    - Concentration
    - Integrated
    - Peace
    - Sees truth about self
    - Visualise
    - Self Direction
    - Accurate Interpretation
    - Good Memory
    - Access & remember dreams
    - Awareness
    - Is in the flow
    - Inner authority and wisdom
    - Intelligence
    - In harmony with one’s own truth/purpose/soul
    - In touch with own creativity
    - Ability to share from one’s own depths
    - Ability to forgive and feel joy in life
    - Inner strength and self-reliant
    - Ability to accept, listen and express Divine guidance and
    - Owning and valuing one’s own intelligence
    - Consciousness