Developed for those wanting to embrace their spiritual growth and development without being affected by outside non-supportive influences.  

I am safe and protected as I blossom into my true spiritual self. I remain within my centre and grounded at all times. I am able to trust the flow of my evolution and honor we are all on a unique individual journey that leads us to our ultimate goal. I remain confident and unaffected by negativity around me and I am able to leave it where it lies. I am aware of my energy fields and honor and support them by knowing I am fully protected at all times. I trust in myself and my decisions as I listen to my innate inner wisdom and positive outside guidance. I embrace positive change and self development and honor where others are on their journey. I am able to let go of all outdated things across all aspects of my being that prevent me from moving forward. I trust stepping into the Void and trust the Universe that I am always in the perfect place at the perfect time for me. I remain motivated and energized to continue on my path and I acknowledge the beauty in each step to fulfillment I am aware of my own emotions and energy and give myself sacred space to be able to acknowledge and grow from them. I am grateful for my journey and embrace and rejoice the new as I celebrate me.

Blossoming Lotus

  • Limiting traits that may be exhibited

    - Fear of change/self growth/others reactions
    - Not being accepted for new self
    - Others tapping in to your new energy and taking advantage of it and/or draining it
    - Fear of judgement from others and from self
    - Blocking new energy and/or guidance/intuition

    Limitless traits supported:
    - Feeling safe/Guided/Protected
    - Listen to own inner wisdom and clairvoyance
    - Acceptance/acknowledgment of self and own journey
    - Embrace change and self development
    - Leaving negativity where it lays/sustaining one’s own
    - Acknowledging and honoring own space, energy and emotions
    - Go with the flow in trust
    - Able to let go of all outdated patterns and embrace the
    - Celebration of self and growth

    This is not a full comprehensive list of all the traits (both limiting and limitless) that may be supported by this product, as it is an energetic product each persons experience will vary depending upon their life experiences and situations.

    The Positive Being Products are meant to supplement and not be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.