Developed to assist those who tend to stand on the fringes of life and feel they don’t deserve all the joy, happiness and good in life. Enthusiasm in a bottle!

I am open and receptive and truly deserving of all the magnificence life has to offer. I give to myself first with joy and enthusiasm and embrace all the goodness I deserve across all levels of my being. I am worthy and deserving of receiving everything the Universe has to offer me for my positive growth. Goodness comes to me with ease and I graciously accept. I love, honor and respect myself in all that I do and all that I say. I stand confidently in all situations as my unique, successful self. I deserve and embrace success in my life in all aspects of my being. I give freely of myself when it is appropriate to do so; I respect my energy and boundaries foremost. I see through optimistic eyes at the bountifulness of life and embrace it all with enthusiasm and gratitude. I am a child of the Universe and I know I am always provided for in a loving and abundant way. I release any past programming and negative attachments that prevent me from fully embracing all that I deserve and desire. I am the best I can be at all times and honor that I can have it all.


  • Limiting traits that may be exhibited
    Don’t deserve/Unworthy
    Not good enough/Inadequate
    Unable/Low motivation
    Pessimistic of self
    Goodness of life doesn't belong to you
    Other’s deserve more than you do
    Negative peer group acceptance
    Fear of standing out or having more
    Fear of being as good or deserving as others
    Battler syndrome

    Limitless traits supported
    To give to self first with joy and enthusiasm
    Feel comfortable being self
    Joy, happiness, motivation, enthusiasm
    Seeing the colour in life for self
    Embracing all the magnificence life has to offer
    Life is joyful, fun and easy
    To give service freely when I am able to
    Honouring self in all that you do and all that you say
    Deserving of the goodness of life
    Stand confidently as self
    Knowing you deserve the best for self

    This is not a full comprehensive list of all the traits (both limiting and limitless) that may be supported by this product, as it is an energetic product each persons experience will vary depending upon their life experiences and situations.

    The Positive Being Products are meant to supplement and not be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.