Developed for those who are searching for love and romance. They may be looking for that special someone or wanting to deepen the relationship with their existing someone. Also supports a deeper, more loving relationship with self.

I am open and surrender to love on all aspects of my being. I embrace all the beauty and wonderful possibilities my romantic relationship brings. I am open, caring, honest and loving to myself and my partner, which allows clear communication between us to face life's obstacles together with strength and interdependence I respect and honour who I am and who my partner is and I accept and understand we are individual people enjoying a divine love connection together. I nurture myself, my partner and our relationship so we are filled with fun, joy, love and happiness. I make time to honour our romance and passion together. I am grateful for our enduring heart soul connection; we enrich each other's lives by simply being ourselves.

Heart's Soul Desire

  • Limiting traits that may be exhibited
    Lonely (whether with someone or not)
    Not able to let go of past hurts/relationships
    Not feeling worthy enough to be loved or love
    Fear of being vulnerable
    Not addressing deeper issues/focusing on small things
    Fear of self expression Co-dependency/Dependency
    Lack of self love
    Only loving partner's potential
    Unrealistic expectations

    Limitless traits supported
    Open, caring and honest to self and others
    Honouring individuality of self and partner
    Self love/worth
    Expressing and listening to uniqueness of self and
    Feeling at one with partner
    Feel comfortable in your aloneness - allows space
    for individuality
    Being prepared to work through any issue
    Realistic expectations - they are on their journey

    Mantras included
    (Please note the qualities of a 'good' partner in Vedic teachings may differ in description to those of Western notion (typically superficial). In the sacred writings of India, consciousness is described as a masculine attribute, and power a feminine. Until the feminine and masculine attribute come together, the universe exists only as potential. It is from the dance of Shiva, the masculine energy, powered by the feminine energy of Shakti that the universe is created. Mantra can help awaken and bring into balance these masculine and feminine energies and help the seeker attract an appropriate partner. It enhances the positive qualities of both male and female energies, and it refocuses them if they have been misdirected. When used by one or the other partner in a relationship, mantra heals and nurtures the spirits of both partners. When used to find or begin a relationship, it strengthens the attractive power of an individual, just as an electric charge can turn an ordinary piece m