Developed for those wanting to move through their grief so they can feel at peace within themselves. It may be grief related to past experiences or relationships or the loss of loved ones.

I am embracing moving forward with joy and enthusiasm as I see the beauty and positivity in every new moment. I allow others to support me as I move forward to embrace my happiness and inner peace. I take all the happiness and joy I received from my previous experiences and see the gift that was given to me by these experiences. My conscience is clear on all levels of my being across all time, it is OK for me to embrace life and whatever I choose to do for me is right. I forgive myself and others involved in this experience. I surrender to the greater consciousness and accept the ebb and flow of life. I am glad I am alive and feel at peace being my positive self.

Letting Go

  • Limiting traits that may be exhibited
    Feeling down
    Guilt – survival
    Rejected – taken away

    Limitless traits supported
    Stepping forward
    Personal Power
    Ability to move forward and embrace living in the now

    This is not a full comprehensive list of all the traits (both limiting and limitless) that may be supported by this product, as it is an energetic product each persons experience will vary depending upon their life experiences and situations.

    The Positive Being Products are meant to supplement and not be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.