Developed to support a positive connection between self and the All. Supports by eliminating negative thought patterns by working with the highest energies available from the Universe. Assists one to see the positive in situations, self and others by acknowledging the positive in one self.

I am enthusiastic as I embrace positive living into all aspects of my being. My optimism allows me to feel the positive in each and every moment as I skip through life with joy, passion and excitement. My being is uplifted and light as I open to the positive flow of life, seeing joy in the little things and in each step of my positive growth. I deserve the wonder of the Universe and embrace this with ease and gratitude.

Positive Living

  • Limiting traits that may be exhibited
    Lack of self love
    Clings to past
    Low energy
    Emotional blocks
    Inner conflict
    Easily disappointed
    Defensive position
    Loss of hope
    Perception of life as difficult
    Frustration, anger, resentment from past

    Limitless traits that may be supported
    Deep peace and deep joy
    Encourages involvement and initiative
    Ability to express love
    Ability to see emotions anew
    Supports courage, self acceptance
    Alignment with authentic self
    Harmonizes emotional and mental levels
    Supports self love, love for others and self forgiveness
    Brings clarity to the past
    Ability to see one's own true essence

    This is not a full comprehensive list of all the traits (both limiting and limitless) that may be supported by this product, as it is an energetic product each persons experience will vary depending upon their life experiences and situations.

    The Positive Being Products are meant to supplement and not be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.