Svadisthana- Sacral Chakra
Location: Below the navel
Colour Orange
Fun, joy, sensuality.

Svadisthana- Sacral Chakra

  • Svadhisthana -Sacral Chakra
    Location: Below the navel
    Colour: Orange
    Characteristics: It is the source of creativity and inspiration. It is the Chakra that initiates our sense of fun. The Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana which translates as ‘sweetness’. The Sacral chakra is the foundation of the emotional body, it influences our ability to feel emotions and sensations. It controls our ability to let go of our emotions, it influences our sexuality and sensuality.
    It is closely related to our Urinary and Reproductive Organs and is responsible for our sexual maturity.
    Element: Water, the Moon
    Symbols: Fish, Goddess of the Moon & Water.

    Limiting traits that may be exhibited:
    - Shy
    - Uncertain
    - Aimless
    - Emotional Problems
    - Problems with the Reproductive Organs
    - Addictions
    - Lack of Fun
    - Overly Serious
    - Negativity
    - Frigidity
    - Blocked Creativity
    - Stick in the mud
    - Sexual Guilt
    - Self Centred
    - Jealous
    - Mistrusting
    - Cold
    - Lack Lustre
    - Lack of Inspiration
    - Negative outlook on Life
    - Self Limiting
    - Holds everything in
    - Doesn’t share emotions
    - Overly cautious
    - Tries to dictate the outcome
    - Overly controlling

    Limitless traits supported:
    - Creative
    - High Self Esteem
    - Intuitive
    - Goes with the flow
    - Loving
    - Fun
    - Inspired
    - Intuitive
    - energetic
    - Successful
    - Sexually Balanced
    - Friendly
    - Imaginative
    - Tolerant
    - Patient
    - Open
    - Learns from experiences
    - Ambitious in a positive way
    - Sense of Abundance
    - Wellbeing
    - Balanced emotionally
    - Laughs easily
    - Enjoys life
    - Is happy for others achievements
    - Pleasure
    - Life is meant to be easy & fun
    - Flexible
    - Easy Going