"Amazing stuff! The Wealth Consciousness has helped me grow my business 300% in the past 4 months and am now distributing globally. I feel I am worthy of all the success I know is coming my way."
Jellaine Ross
Founder Cherry Blooms

"How do I describe such a life altering product with mere words?
Positive Being Products are beautifully presented bottles of powerfully transformational essences.
You have created liquid affirmation essences (also packaged as mists) to energetically address and support almost any life issue.
I have only just begun to explore the range and I am already getting positive and strong results when I add these amazing essences to my balance protocol in kinesiology. Clients love them and bring positive feedback in their follow up sessions.
Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product"


"Wow! I have been using the Wealth Consciousness Mist for a couple of months now and I can truly say I have experienced a change of consciousness - the niggly fear voice of not having enough has quietened and this is reflected in a more constant flow of abundance in my life. The first week or two I repeated the embedded affirmation to help anchor it into my energy system, now I just spray and enjoy! Thank you girls you have created a gem! "
FG Brisbane

"I met Lee-anne at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and purchased the Clean and Clear Liquid Affirmation Mist to use for myself and my clients in my practice as a Vibrational Therapist.
I am really enjoying using this product and have found it to be extremely beneficial…I can definitely notice the difference in energy after using the Clean & Clear Mist and it certainly lifts & lightens the vibration of the room, myself and my clients J
Thank you for creating these beautiful vibrational products."
Best wishes


Crystal Therapist